Small Business Website Revisited

My initial small business site for the Design for Web Content module is linked below. The site is based on a hypothetical vintage fashion store based in Kent. I wanted to give the site a 90’s grunge vibe in the design and display it in a grid reminiscent of Instagram to appeal to the target audience of the business.

Original Site:

The HTML and CSS of the site was not consistent in its layout which is something I have improved upon in the new version of the site. I have also made better use of commenting in the code to make it easier to understand and navigate myself and for others.

I wanted to improve upon the visual design of the site as the use of so many borders made the site look quite ‘boxy’ so although I have kept the grid layout on the new site I feel it looks more relaxed and the introduction of some more colour makes it more visually appealing as well.

Revised Site:

The site was not responsive so I have added media queries so the site can be viewed across all devices. I have also added a responsive navigation that can be viewed on a mobile. I have also added a couple of UX features including a custom error page, URL redirects and a favicon. I also added landmark roles for accessibility.

I have implemented some Javascript into the site to indicate if the store is open or not and I have also applied some modularity with PHP server-side includes for common page elements including the header and footer.

There was no SEO strategy in place on the original site so I have implemented multiple things to improve this such as adding meta descriptions, making better use of headings and improving keyword strategy. I have also added sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.

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