What I learned – Week Three

This week we learned more detail about html. We discussed the history of html and the journey it has been on to get to where it is today. We talked about its purpose which is to add structure to documents and meaning to content.

We  learned more about elements attributes and values and the right way to use them in practice. We then talked about stucture and reationships in html and the different sort of elements such as block elements, inline elements and parent, child and sibling elements.

We discussed correct use of semantic markup and how it shouldnt be used to change the presentation of the document, only the meaning!

We then went onto discuss how to make links including external links, links within the website and image links and talked about the different between absolute and relative links.

We discussed common structural elements such as headings, lists and tables then we went into how to actually write the html, looking at indentation, syntax and comments.

Lastly we went over folder organisation and website structure.



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