What I learned – Week Four

This week it was time to move onto CSS – The Presentation Layer!

We talked about what CSS is: Cascading Style Sheets – separating content from presentation.We also talked about why it is so useful and how it works.

We learned about style rules, declarations and selectors and how you can have multiple declarations and group selectors. We discussed how you can use class selectors to style elements and how you can ue pseudo-class rules.

We learned how you can add your css to your html and how the best way is to link an external stylesheet.

We went on to learn about the span and div tags and how to structure the page with div.

Next we went on to disucss the CSS Box Model and how this is made up of different parts: padding, border and margin. And also the other option of the box-sizing option that can be used in CSS3.

We learnt about colours in CSS and how these can be specified in different ways: RGB, Hex, RGBA & HSL. Then we discussed fonts in CSS including font families and font stacks.

We also talked about inheritannce and how some properties are inherited by child elements from their parent and others are not.

We were also taught that there is a way to remove the default browser settings called a CSS reset which is useful as it is better to not mix your own settings with the browser settings as visual results could vary between browsers.




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