Examples of Good Websites


Netflix is a paid streaming service that shows a wide variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more.

Why is it a good website?

  • Clear and easy to navigate from log in to clicking play  on chosen show
  • Categorised in a great way – eg. continue watching, popular on netflix, ‘because you watched ___’, comedies, top picks for you, crime investigations, etc
  • Wide variety of things to watch attracting a vast audience
  • No advertisements because its a paid service which makes it efficient and smooth running to use
  • Everything is very immediate unlike some streaming serivces – you press play and it plays and doesnt stop to buffer etc which is frustrating when trying to watch something
  • It is personalised to the user as metioned in the categorised point. It pays attention to what you watch and makes suggestions based on this so it feels very intuitive to the user
  • It has lots of original content with its original series and films which you can’t find anywhere else
  • The interface itself displays the tv shows and movies etc in a great way visually and when you hover your mouse over each one it starts showing the trailer or a clip
  • It is simple and easy to use for anyone and everyone

Topshop Careers Website

topshop careers siteThe Topshop Careers site is where someone go to apply for any jobs at topshop or topman but the site does so much more than that, giving the user a real insight into the company culture and providing inspiration.

Why is it a good website?

  • Knows it’s audience and provides visuals that are inspirational and exciting to that target audience
  • Takes the user on a journey through their history, how they have become a fashion authority, through to the culture in their stores and offices and what it will be like to work their – leading you nicely to their positions and how you can apply today
  • It is a great example of a user journey delivering exactly what it wants to the user and also delivering what the business needs from the website – attracting the best talent
  • They have an apply now button and a job search button in the top right corner of the screen at all times – never forgetting what the site is there for and catching any user mid reading about how fabulous the company is and ready to find their ‘dream job’
  • Other routes encouraging people to apply – they have a breakdown of each head office department – what it is like to work there and what the roles are like then on he same page it has the live roles so you can apply then and there
  • To sum up it is an incredibly intuitive and inspirirational careers site which is rarely ahcieved by other retailers in my opinion. The site is beautifully pieced together and really captures who the brand is visually


samsung website




















The Samsung UK website is there online store where they can showcase and ultimately sell all of their products.

Why is it a good website?

  • The layout is clear with a menu along the top outlining which products they sell so it is easy to get to the category that you are looking for
  • The home page is laid out nicely, showcasing latest and best selling products in a way that isn’t too busy and draws the eye in
  • In the top right hand corner you have a support button which is key when you are any retailer but especially electronics.Also at the bottom of the page they have direct links to all different support methods such as live online chat and phone support
  • They have also placed search function which can help shoppers navigate their site even more  getting them straight to what they are looking for.
  • Lots of artsy product photography to inspire the customer throughout the site
  • Bar along the top of product you are reviewing with benefits, spec, support, compare and add to basket – everything you need to know to shop
  • Lots of links to ‘explore’ as well with inspiring images for the customer which will lead to finding products they wouldn’t necessarily have found otherwise
  • More of an online shopping ‘experience’ rather than a quick stop and buy


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