Examples of Good Design

Foldable Shopping Bag

Imge of foldable shopping bag

The foldable shopping bag is quite self explanatory but essentially it is a bag that you can use to carry your shopping or any other items that can be folded neatly into itself and tucked in your pocket and carried where ever you go.

Why is it an example of good design? 

  • Folds up into a very small pocket sized shape so easy to carry around everywhere
  • Lighweight so not heavy to carry around in your bag or pocket when folded away and not being used
  • Made of a durable material so able to carry heavy shopping
  • When unfolded it is large enough to carry quite a large amount of objects making it incredibly useful in lots of scenarios, not just shopping. If you decide to take off your jumper or jacket for example you can put it in the bag rather carry it around in your hands
  • Good for the environment and reducing the use of one use plastic bags
  • Comes in lots of different designs to suit any aesthetic tastes and makes it ideal for every customer
  • Has a long enough strap to sit over your shoulder comfortably making it easy to carry

Mini Perfume Atomizer

A perfume atomizer is a handy device that allows you to put perfume that you have bought in large bottles into a smaller bottle that you can carry around with you.

Why is it in example of good design?

  • Lightweight and small to fit in your pocket or handbag easily
  • Easy to dismantle and refill and to transfer the liquid from your largeImage of a perfume atomizer perfume bottle without losing and wasting any
  • Holds quite a lot of liquid for such a small object meaning you don’t have to refill it to often
  • Can get many different designs so suitable for men and women and different aesthetic tastes
  • Can put any different fragrances in it so can change if you buy a new fragrance for instance – no need to buy a new one
  • Mad from durable aluminium so don’t need to worry about it breaking in your bag or pocket
  • Transpearent panel allows you to see how much liquid you have left in the bottle
  • Easy to apply spray head
  • Size is small enough to carry on a plane so can literally take it anywhere

Collapsible Coffee Mug

A collapsible coffee mug is a portable cup that you can ‘collapse’ or fold  down to a smaller, more portable size when you have finished with it.

Why is it an example of good design?

  • image of collapsible coffee mugEasily folds down when finished to fit easily into your bag or pocket
  • Comes in a multitude of colours to suit any gender or aesthetic taste
  • Has a hard white plastic belt to keep it solid when filled with liquid
  • Can hold any hot or cold beverage
  • Has a a rubber stopper at the top to stop liquid coming out while not drinking it
  • And the rubber stopper is easily rotated around so when you are drinking it doesn’t get in the way
  • Easily rinsed out and cleaned on the go
  • Made from a durable material to last a long time and a material that won’t be esily broken while being carried around
  • Reduces single use plastic cups and waste





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