What I learned – Week One

image of university of greenwichIn my first week on the course I was introdued to the School of Design and the building in which we will be based for the next year. We went through the modules of the course and who would be teaching each part of the course.

We met two of our tutors and the rest of the class as well – our support network for the challenging year ahead.

We had an open discussion about what we believe makes a good browser which  was eye opening in itself. Note to self: Links should NOT open in a new tab! This is because a web designer should not make assumptions about or decisions for the user and how they might want the website to work.

We then put together our Web Design Toolkit including a domain name, a text editor, an FTP Client, browsers, browser add-ons. Our eyes were opened when it comes to browsers and search engines.

We downloaded these tools and looked at how to use them; how to set up our domain and create our first very basic webpage and make it public on our domain using our FTP client.

We were informed on some great books and magazines to read on our subject and what communication tools to use such as Twitter. Also online reference materials including MDN Web Docs.

We looked at organisation when creating website projects. And I learned that my technique for creating passwords needs some work!

We talked about the tools we would be using specifically in our design class and how there are more options than just adobe!

Lastly we downloaded WordPress from our CPanel and added a blog to our domain. We looked at WordPress and learned how to use the basic functions.