Hi, I'm Kirsty!

Welcome to my coursework homepage. This site will include my full portfolio of work created during my MA Web Design and Content Planning Course at the University of Greenwich.

I have also created a blog during the course that documents what I have learned, inspiration and ideas throughout my time studying at Greenwich.

Design for Web Content

Examples of Good Design

For my first project, I created a small website where I critiqued three household obects that were cleverly designed.

Small Business Website

Creating a website for small business Alexandra's Vintage Fashion.

Applied Art for the Web

Introduce Yourself

Creating a page introducing myself, thinking carefully about the colour palette of the page.

Film Promotion

Creating a film promotion site for a viewing of Pocahontas at Greenwich Picturehouse.

Typesetting Literature

Designing a website around a piece of literature – focus on presenting the text in a suitable typeface, creating a colour scheme.

SEO and Social Media

Marketing Report

Analysis of a website in regards to visual design,brand, performance, information architecture, content strategy, SEO, SEM, social media and revenue generation.

Content Management

Page Load Speed Seminar

Seminar researched and delivered about tips on improving page load speed.

Page Load Speed Article

Article to go with the seminar above.

Small Business Website Revisited

Revised version of Small Business Website utilising my expanded knowledge of web design and development. Inlcuding use of javascript, php, SEO strategy, etc.

Small Business Website Analysis

Analysis of previous small business website and explanation of changes made.

Major Project

Analysis Report

Büzzing Manchester

Final Report