Examples of Good Design

Mini Perfume Atomizer

A perfume atomizer is a handy device that allows you to put perfume that you have bought in large bottles into a smaller bottle that you can carry around with you.

pink mini perfume atomizer

Why is it an example of good design?

It is lightweight and small to fit in your pocket or handbag easily and easy to dismantle and refill and to transfer the liquid from your large perfume bottle without losing or wasting any.

It holds quite a lot of liquid for such a small object meaning you don’t have to refill it to often and you can get many different designs so suitable for men and women and different aesthetic tastes.

You can put any different fragrances in it so can change if you buy a new fragrance for instance – no need to buy a new one and it is made from durable aluminium so don’t need to worry about it breaking in your bag or pocket.

There is a transparent panel that allows you to see how much liquid you have left in the bottle and there is and easy to apply spray head.

Lastly the size is small enough to carry on a plane so can literally take it anywhere.