Examples of Good Design

Foldable Shopping Bag

The foldable shopping bag is quite self explanatory but essentially it is a bag that you can use to carry your shopping or any other items that can be folded neatly into itself and tucked in your pocket and carried where ever you go.

foldable shopping bag

Why is it an example of good design?

It folds up into a very small pocket sized shape and is lightweight so easy to carry everywhere with you even when not being used.

It is also made of a durable material so able to carry heavy shopping and when unfolded it is large enough to carry quite a large amount of objects making it incredibly useful in lots of scenarios, not just shopping. If you decide to take off your jumper or jacket for example you can put it in the bag rather carry it around in your hands.

It is good for the environment and reducing the use of one use plastic bags and it also comes in lots of different designs to suit any aesthetic tastes, making it ideal for every customer.

Lastly it has a long enough strap to sit over your shoulder comfortably making it easy to carry.