Examples of Good Design

Collapsible Coffee Mug

A collapsible coffee mug is a portable cup that you can ‘collapse’ or fold down to a smaller, more portable size when you have finished with it.

red collapsible coffee mug

Why is it an example of good design?

It easily folds down when finished to fit easily into your bag or pocket and can hold any hot or cold beverage.

Comes in a multitude of colours to suit any gender or aesthetic taste and is easily rinsed out and cleaned on the go.

It has a hard white plastic belt to keep it solid when filled with liquid and has a a rubber stopper at the top to stop liquid coming out while not drinking it. And the rubber stopper is easily rotated around so when you are drinking it doesn’t get in the way.

It is also made from a durable material to last a long time and a material that won’t be esily broken while being carried around and it reduces single use plastic cups and waste.