Büzzing Manchester Bar Guide & Bar Crawl Generator

Büzzing Manchester - Bar Guide and Bar Crawl Quiz

This project was the most challenging of all of the work. I created a wordpress custom theme for the site which I had never done before and I also created a php bar crawl qui.z

Final Report

Report submitted alongside website providing explanations for decisions made.

Small Business Website

Small Business Website Revisited

Revised version of Small Business Website utilising my expanded knowledge of web design and development. Inlcuding use of javascript, php, SEO strategy, etc.

Small Business Website

Creating a website for small business Alexandra's Vintage Fashion.

Film Promotion

Film Promotion Website

Creating a film promotion site for a viewing of Pocahontas at Greenwich Picturehouse.

Initial Projects

Introduce Yourself Website

Creating a page introducing myself, thinking carefully about the colour palette of the page.

Examples of Good Design Website

For my first project, I created a small website where I critiqued three household obects that were cleverly designed.